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art traaade

i’m sleepy

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Hey guys! If you’ve ever wanted to just have people color your linework or to color someone else’s linework, furaitsu and I have just set up a line art tumblr for just that.

Line Art Exchange

Feel free to stop by and join meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. It’s lonely on a new blog ok

Also, please spread the word! We can’t have something like this if no one knows about it
//lays down

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not gonna stop

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my part of an art trade with pasacon

what a cute beb hehe *w*

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i have. nothing to say for myself

please look at the hi res tumblr makes this look like poop why

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long overdue commission hahahaaa
more to come thanks to streaming

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i’m drawing this dweeb again and streaming I guess ‘cause why not

streeaaam over

you can come talk to me if you want to.. orz

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aischeu replied to your post: I just dumped a full 10 ounces of soda…

Oh no D8 is everything else ok?

it was just my tablet and lap that got it thankfully

i thought the tablet was fine but the buttons are.. acting up.. hahahah well
maybe it’ll be ok tomorrow. the drawing surface seems fine at least.

maybe i should stick it in a bag of rice


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I just dumped a full 10 ounces of soda into my lap and on top of my tablet. 
real nice

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last night i had a dream that i was in an art class with mink and we watched part of a movie

i really don’t  know anymore

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gestures from refs then a couple of scribbley things without ref

two junky busts

a chara design i did yesterday

and a masterpiece

what am i doing

in other news i really want to make adoptables