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aischeu replied to your post: I just dumped a full 10 ounces of soda…

Oh no D8 is everything else ok?

it was just my tablet and lap that got it thankfully

i thought the tablet was fine but the buttons are.. acting up.. hahahah well
maybe it’ll be ok tomorrow. the drawing surface seems fine at least.

maybe i should stick it in a bag of rice


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I just dumped a full 10 ounces of soda into my lap and on top of my tablet. 
real nice

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last night i had a dream that i was in an art class with mink and we watched part of a movie

i really don’t  know anymore

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gestures from refs then a couple of scribbley things without ref

two junky busts

a chara design i did yesterday

and a masterpiece

what am i doing

in other news i really want to make adoptables

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Anonymous asked: how much do you usually charge for a character design? i'm too shy to ask off anon right now but would fifty dollars do it? ;n; im sorry for bothering you >3<

it depends on what you want really! if you want a design that’s fullbody and with flat colors, or simple shaded colors with more sketchy lines, then $50 is more than enough. *w*

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a couple of weeks ago i had a dream where nitori was crying for some reason and when i woke up literally all i could think was how pretty his crying face was

that is all

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art dump

pink dude is new chara

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RLC commission info

If you’re interested you can note me on tumblr or email me at femjin@gmail.com with “commission” somewhere in the subject line.

As of right now I’m only offering digital art and I can only take payment through paypal in USD.

I’ll try to draw pretty much anything except subject matter I find offensive (things like racism, non-consensual sex and pedophilia, etc.) That being said, I can’t guarantee that I’ll be able to accept every commission, but I will try. If I feel that I won’t be able to do your commission justice, I may decline.

If you want something other than what is listed (like a grayscale painting or a fully painted image with the lines still on it) then you can send me a message and we can discuss a price.

I’m also open to doing character designs if that’s something you’re looking for.

More examples of my work can be found on my art tumblr, femjinart / femjinart.tumblr.com/tagged/femfolio

 Please note that art takes time but I will try to keep you updated. 

Pulling this up again cause it’s been a few months. I’m still open! Also it’s not exactly listed but I also do take nsfw commissions if that’s something you’re looking for. Just throwing that out.

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finished another comm

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say hello to the epitome of my artistic skill

that uh. meme that’s going around where you draw with your eyes closed then color the results. i did that. 8D go thank extrics 

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coming out of slump to work on commissions sort of 


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Anonymous asked: can I have that link for the dirty noiz x aoba pic.

you could but ur anon, anon

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Anonymous asked: Aoba x Noiz sexyfuntime, as nsfw as possible. * u*

I PROMISE IT’S ACTUALLY NSFW i just. can’t post the whole thing on my main blog hAHAHAH

if anyone wants the link you can message me off anon ok, ok

ty for the request anon. ewe