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finished another comm

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i’m not a day late what are you talking about

did this for Koujaku’s b-day cause I’ve only drawn him once before and not with Aoba and so I did. ewe; yay. 

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say hello to the epitome of my artistic skill

that uh. meme that’s going around where you draw with your eyes closed then color the results. i did that. 8D go thank extrics 

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coming out of slump to work on commissions sort of 


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Anonymous asked: can I have that link for the dirty noiz x aoba pic.

you could but ur anon, anon

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Anonymous asked: Aoba x Noiz sexyfuntime, as nsfw as possible. * u*

I PROMISE IT’S ACTUALLY NSFW i just. can’t post the whole thing on my main blog hAHAHAH

if anyone wants the link you can message me off anon ok, ok

ty for the request anon. ewe

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Anonymous asked: Since you asked for fanart requests and ship sourin and soumako will you draw soumakorin? Idk cuddling?

I didn’t ship it but I kind of started to halfway through drawing Makoto



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ahodayo asked: RINHARU RINHARU PLEASE. makoharu or rei/nagisa would be super great too, heheh u v u i hope you get past the rut soon!!


thank you for the request! and the encouragement *W*

I hope you like it!

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This is dumb but

Would anybody want to send me fanart requests? Free! or dmmd pretty much most ships tbh I’m uh. Lame with ideas.

Ships I’ll take most likely. In order of preference mostly. I guess.

EDIT: also you can specify if you prefer sfw or nsfw uh. .. ha hah ha

dmmd : aoba/any interest (noiz is top fav, followed by clear, koujaku, ren, and mink if u wanna get technical about it i guess uhh), koujaku/noiz, kou/noiz/aoba, noiz/aoba/clear (good happy things only please)

Free!: mako/haru, mako/haru/rin, rin/sousuke, rei/nagisa, mako/sousuke, rin/haru, momo/nitori, rin/nitori, mikoshiba/gou

I probably will only draw a few of them, if I get that many even.. ahahha

Also I might start talking a bit on this blog, though I haven’t much before. I kind of want to create an environment that people feel like they could talk to me if they wanted to..? I’m really grateful for my followers and appreciate the support I get, whether I say so or not. Right now I owe art to a lot of people but I’m stuck in a rut so I’m trying to pull out of that haha.

Ahh also all text posts I make I’ll try to tag with ‘femtalks’ if you want to savior. That goes for responses to asks too, unless the response is art.

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so my blog looks like i haven’t drawn in a month because i got mad about art and deleted a bunch of new (and old) stuff


I’ve been drawing. just not up to posting. gonna try tho I guess haahaha

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working through comms

pretty boys facing right i’m so



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proof i’m not dead

i’ve not had time for anything but sketches in the last three weeks i’m gonna rip my hair out and get stomped to mush by my commissioners

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been experimenting with painting styles a bit. trying to get out of a funk so i can work on commissions. e ne

bottom two are comms from gaia

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RLC commission info

I’m going to need to buy a new tablet soon and I’m completely broke so I’m offering commissions ahahah. ;w; 

If you’re interested you can note me on tumblr or email me at femjin@gmail.com with “commission” somewhere in the subject line.

As of right now I’m only offering digital art and I can only take payment through paypal in USD.

I’ll try to draw pretty much anything except subject matter I find offensive (things like racism, non-consensual sex and pedophilia, etc.) That being said, I can’t guarantee that I’ll be able to accept every commission, but I will try. If I feel that I won’t be able to do your commission justice, I may decline.

If you want something other than what is listed (like a grayscale painting or a fully painted image with the lines still on it) then you can send me a message and we can discuss a price.

I’m also open to doing character designs if that’s something you’re looking for.

More examples of my work can be found on my art tumblr, femjinart / femjinart.tumblr.com/tagged/femfolio

 Please note that art takes time but I will try to keep you updated.